Legal Practice Management

All-in-one legal practice and business management solution developed by lawyers for lawyers

General practice management software

A tool for all lawyers in all locations

General practice management solution

We offer a general practice management solution for all lawyers across the country. This includes all useful tools which can help you to save time a grow your business.

  • Security
  • Speed
  • Accuracy
Lextodoc is the beginning of something great:
a legal software  without unlimited possibility, something
necessary and imperative.

Canada legal practice solutions

We offer verity of specific practice area solutions

Ontario real estate conveyancing solution

We offer matter management for real estate practice in Ontario. This is one of the unique practice software on the market with unique features.

  • Teranet
  • FCT
  • LLC
  • Stewart
  • Chicago
  • FCT
Canada immigration
practice management

We have developed an immigration matter management designed for immigration lawyers and immigration consultants in Canada.

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