WildApricot for Multi-Chapter Organizations

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Software with multichapter organizations in mind. Start saving time. Seamlessly manage your chapters.

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Volume Pricing Discount

Enjoy great savings for multi-chapter accounts

Discounts can be applied to any paid subscription level.
Please see the plans and pricing page to determine which subscription level will work best for each of your multi-chapter accounts.

Create a multi-chapter membership organization website template

Enjoy great savings for multi-chapter accounts

While each WildApricot website has its own separate database and design, it is possible to create a ‘template site’ as a starting point for all your multi-chapter organization sites.

Organization logos, colours and other design elements

Content such as an About us section or members-only orientation materials

Pre-populated records for organization-wide contracts

Customized database fields for things that are common throughout your organization

All the tools for a fully integrated and easy-to-use multi-chapter membership website

So it’s a great solution for organizations who have:

Local chapters, branches or groups

Component groups

Regional offices

Franchises or independent operators

Tools to empower your organization

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