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Join our happy employed and freelancer legal assistant using Lextodoc to serve legal professionals

Freelance Legal Assistants

All needed for freelance legal assistants

You can create a profile and be added to any legal professionals’ team members and be assigned unlimited matters to process.

Professional Profile

Professional profile visible to legal professionals 

Legal professionals can see your profile, offer you a job and recommend you to others. The number of matter assigned to you also will be shown on your profile and see how active are you.

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Complete your resume and apply for legal jobs

Complete your resume, apply for posted jobs on Lextodoc and easily be hired by legal professionals by simply add you to their team and assign you a matter. 

Three Reasons to Choose Lextodoc


Reasonable subscription fee once for all and serve unlimited legal professionals.


Connect to thousands of lawyers in our database, become a team member and serve legal professionals.


Create a profile visible to legal professionals, complete your resume, apply for jobs, and do more.

Your organization is in good hands

Lextodoc users trust us to help them grow and manage their legal practice. That’s why we’re recognized as industry leaders on Capterra and Get App.